Charleston's School for Dogs - Dog Training, Boarding, Group Dog Classes, Private Lessons and Puppy Kindergarten
Looking for a dog trainer in Charleston South Carolina? Tommy Grammer and Van Sturgeon train dogs at Charleston School for Dogs
Barking, biting, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling and other behavioral problems - Charleston School for Dogs.
At we help you manage agressive behavior and other canine dog training issues with our puppy training and dog training services.

About Charleston's School for Dogs

Charleston's School For Dogs mission is to enhance communication between dogs and their owners. Being able to effectively communicate with your dog is critical to establishing the human-canine bond.

Charleston's School For Dogs is owned and operated by Tommy Grammer. Tommy started Charleston's School For dogs in order to share his training philosophies with other dog lovers.

Tommy Grammer, shown above (click the photo to read more about Tommy Grammer) and Van Sturgeon, shown right (click the photo to read more about Van Sturgeon) are instructors that provide training for clients.

All of the instructors at Charleston's School For Dogs are members of the association of pet dog trainers and must have extensive experience working with animals prior to becoming an instructor.

Charleston's School For Dogs provides in home training in the surrounding Charleston Area.

Charleston School for Dogs