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Looking for a dog trainer in Charleston South Carolina? Tommy Grammer and Van Sturgeon train dogs at Charleston School for Dogs
Barking, biting, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling and other behavioral problems - Charleston School for Dogs.
At we help you manage agressive behavior and other canine dog training issues with our puppy training and dog training services.

Our Clients' Testimonials

We know and understand that choosing someone to train your requires trust. Finding the right trainer that works well with you and your dog can be hard - particularly in an online setting. So we've included some of our clients' testimonials so that you can read about their satisfaction. By taking a few minutes to read these testimonials, we're hoping that you have a better understanding of our relationship with our clients and the values of our school.

TO: Van & Tommy,
FROM: Two proud parents (pet owners) of Tasha
RE: Just wanted to express our 'gratefulness' for having the chance for our paths to cross. Our trainer (Van), was (is) outstanding in ever way a human could be. Van understands the 'dog' mind. He extends himself so his clients (like ourselves) can have a well mannered... read complete testimonial
Charlie was a challenging Miniture Schnauzer puppy. He was/is too smart for his own good and my training methods were out of date and like swiss cheese (lots of holes). Tommy re-trained me so we both could train Charlie... read complete testimonial
Old dogs can learn new tricks! (with Tommy’s help anyway) I got a 3 year old chocolate lab that had been in several places for different reasons. He had several old habits that needed to be corrected. The primary reason that I contacted Charleston School for Dogs was to stop Cappy from running out the door every time... read complete testimonial
We received our dog Brutus, from a co-worker who could no longer take care of him. He was 14 months old, and an extremely high-spirited playmate. It was very apparent that his previous owner did not have the time to adequately discipline him, as he did not recognize... read complete testimonial
I wanted to write a brief message about the wonderful experiences that I´ve had with Charleston School for Dogs. Tommy has been working with myself over the past two years with my yellow lab Rosco. Tommy has helped in every training stage... read complete testimonial
Thank you for everything with teaching us how to train Max and Madi. They are doing well. Its just that you have to stick with them and then they eventually get it. They are still doing much, much better... read complete testimonial
After calling around to different dog training/obedience schools and not really being impressed with any of them, I noticed a sign for Charleston's School for Dogs at the end of the James Island Connector. I called the telephone number on the sign and spoke with Tommy Grammer... read complete testimonial
We recently completed one of your courses and wanted to write and let you know how things are going. Buddy continues to do well, thanks to the time and patience you provided. We continue to work with him regularly and it appears that the training you provided us with is really paying off... read complete testimonial
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. As alot of people know having a Weimaraner is challenging within itself and I thought it would be impossible to train this aggrevating, high strung dog....However... read complete testimonial

You should know that we always welcome questions and encourage you to contact us. If you like what you read here, and you want to register for a class, you may do so through our website, email, or by phone.

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