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Looking for a dog trainer in Charleston South Carolina? Tommy Grammer and Corday Rice train dogs at Charleston School for Dogs
Barking, biting, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling and other behavioral problems - Charleston School for Dogs.
At we help you manage agressive behavior and other canine dog training issues with our puppy training and dog training services.

Boarding/Training Programs

Our goal is to make your dog’s boarding experience as pleasant as possible. We understand that there is no place like home to your dog, however, we strive to give your dog individual attention, ample play time, socializing with other dogs and comfort while they are staying with us. We will not board over 2 dogs at a time in order to ensure quality. Our Kennel Environment is designed to minimize anxiety and to maximize comfort for your dog.

Things that you will need:

  • Shot records including their kennel cough shot (bordetella)
  • Your Contact Information
  • An emergency contact
  • Your dog’s food
  • Special bedding, if applicable

Boarding/Training Programs are great if you do not have the time to teach the dog commands that you would like them to know. It is important to understand that although we will teach your dog commands and you will see a positive change, you must be willing to maintain the dog’s training once we are finished.

Boarding/Training Programs are also great if you are going on vacation and would prefer the dog to have training while you are away.

Boarding Training Program - 2 Weeks

Your dog will spend 14 days with us. We will work to solve behavior problems that you may be experiencing at home. Your dog will learn multiple commands. If your dog has a foundation for these commands, then we will build on top of what the dog already knows. We train every dog to their maximum potential. You, as the owner, will be provided 2 private lessons and enrollment into the maintenance group lessons.

Cost: $799.00

Boarding Training Program - 4 Weeks

Your dog will spend 30 days with us. Your dog will respond to commands in high levels of distraction. You, as the owner, will be provided 3 private lessons and enrollment into the maintenance group lessons.

Cost: $1,599.00

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