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Looking for a dog trainer in Charleston South Carolina? Tommy Grammer and Corday Rice train dogs at Charleston School for Dogs
Barking, biting, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling and other behavioral problems - Charleston School for Dogs.
At we help you manage agressive behavior and other canine dog training issues with our puppy training and dog training services.

Private Lessons

Problem Solving Program
Includes 3 Lessons$249

This program is designed to fix specific problem behaviors. We target one or two issues that concern you and work to alleviate those behaviors. Problems may include:

  • Door bolting
  • Jumping on guest
  • Leash Pulling
  • Barking
  • Aggression
  • Resource Guarding

Puppy Kindergarten Program (8-16 week old puppies)
Includes 4 Lessons$299

This program starts your puppy off on the correct path to being a happy well mannered dog. Topics that are discussed are as follows:

  • Playbiting
  • Chewing
  • House breaking
  • Touch Conditioning (Nail clipping, grooming, vet exams)
  • Come when called
  • Walk on a leash
  • Sit/stay
  • Name Recognition
  • Come

Basic Canine
Communication Program
Includes 5 Lessons &
3 Maintenance Group Lessons $499

The purpose of this program is to give you an understanding of canine behavior and teach you how to incorporate our training techniques into everyday life with your dog. We focus on building a strong language foundation that you and your dog can share. We then show you how to use this communication system to teach your dog useful commands such as Come, Stay, Down, Wait, Leave It, etc. We also use this language to eliminate problem behaviors such as jumping, barking, leash pulling, not coming when called, etc.

Intermediate Canine Communication Program Includes 8 Private Lessons & 6 Maintenance Group Lessons $699

This program is for the client that is looking for a little more than the basics. We will focus on teaching you how to get your dog to listen to you from a distance. The dog will also learn to defer to your commands under various levels of distractions.

Advanced Canine Communication Program Includes 12 private lessons & 12 maintenance group lessons $899

This program is our top program. It was designed for the client who is willing to dedicate themselves to training in order to achieve a highly dependable dog in most situations. Distraction work is a major focus with this program.

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