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Chewing Often when we talk about dogs' needs, we stop one step short of the truth. For instance, everyone talks about a dog's need to chew. But the truth is, dogs do not have a need to chew, they have a need to dissect prey and extract valuable nutrients. Chewing is merely... Read Article

Exercise All dogs benefit from adequate daily exercise. A lack of exercise, especially in young dogs, is almost certain to lead to behavior problems. Exercise relieves stress in dogs just as it does in humans. It is important that you take a little time out of your day in order to... Read Article

Leave It For your dog to leave items alone when you give the cue, "Leave It." We’ll start with low-value items, but eventually work up to anything, including a plate of food, trash, your cat, your favorite running shoes, or even your grandmother... Read Article

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Play-biting is a behavior that all puppies display. But no matter how small the puppy and no matter how diminutive the breed, those little needle teeth can do real damage to your hand and fingers... Read Article

Recall You do not teach your dog a solid recall; you build it slowly over time! Have you ever called your dog only to have her look right at you then ignore you or dart off. You may say, "Well she knows what she is supposed to do, but she can be stubborn sometimes." The fact is that your dog probably does not... Read Article

Resource Control: What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine Controlling rewards and all other resources is the most fundamental aspect of building your status. In canine culture just as in human culture, whoever controls resources controls everything and everyone else... Read Article

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